ShiDaRaw Unleashed

Have you ever had a man disappoint you so bad? Treat you as if you were the least important on his mind or in his life? Well that is what I’m dealing with at this moment in my life. Now, I am not male bashing. I am just bashing this male that i gave 13 years of my life to. Five children we had together, six we took care of. And not once did he say thank you. Am I the only one this has happened to? Of course not. But hopefully some light can be shed on this problem and some men (and women) will choose to take notice and stop this epidemic of selfishness here in our society.

My name is ShiDaRaw and this is my blog. As I continue to write, I will talk about what seems to be real and what is obviously false as time goes on. Some of these things may seem irrelevant to some. To me they need to be spoken about and deserve some attention. At the will of our Heavenly Father, may I be truthful in my endeavor.

Peace & Blessings


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