Involved has been my day. I am very happy and free of the crap given me by this one man. An individual who told me that love was the very thing he possessed for me. Obviously not! Telling me that he loved me was like him taking a piss: at least 5 times a day he had to have one. Loving me was like a crippling disease for him that had the effect of aches and pains when no one was slapping him around.

Love is a four letter word that people use very unconsciously. Love is best used for the affection between a mother and child, two siblings, or two friends that have been by each others side forever. Love is what a person feels about their domesticated pet. In our society now-a-days, love is nonexistent. We have selfishly put our own needs ahead of those who truly love us. Is that what we as a human race have now become? A race of beings hell-bent on what I want instead of what we want.

Love is only manifested through true kindness and understanding of the human mind. Our thoughts process so much information in a day that we don’t truly understand what we need. Lets all just sit back and rethink what our lives were created for; then maybe we can get back to true LOVE.

Peace & Blessings


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