Homelessness & worry

plague my everyday

Not focusing on tomorrow

Just visions of yesterday

causing my sorrows

Who am I?

What is it that

constantly leaves me

questioning my


What is this

negative energy

that violates & tries

to invade my

every space?



Anxiety-causing Panic


Depression in its wake

Human thoughts float


Drain me of confidence

Nourishing the energy

that has bred an

Unequal existence

Woe is me!!



4/20 still proves that

though dictators

have died off

the enemy still

thrives within those

who get high!

Folks need to stay woke

Remain vigilant!

Our lives within

this society have been

wrought with

fake people


false preaching

Teaching a way

that represents only

heathenism & satanism

Spawning a generation

who cares very little

Grown people,


those supposedly

full of maturity,

have been making claims

that there is negligence

on the part of others

to make it right

It is time

to stop the blaming

& complaining

and start the fight

to repair our damaged youth

Restore the fervent call

of those

seeking spiritual &

Divine advice

Tell those who

need assistance &


that all will be made right

as long as

We Believe

Keep Love First

Within your

Every waking moment

If something bothers you

make sure you

make the bothersome

thing be held

accountable for its actions

creating disorder & chaos

within your understanding

Creating common ground

creates mutual respect

and unified beings

Love is the best friend to humility

Keep its statutes steadfastly

with a nature that assists you

to persevere in this

2017 year of years.

Hold tight to

memories of

loved ones whose

spirits have been

ordered to

take flight

and return home to

the Most Highs


in the understanding of

their suffering

being no more physically

They get to

regain strength only imagined

to be of the fleet

of the Most Highs’ Warriors

Keeping calm

Keeping watch

Over their fellow beings of light

still existing to hopefully

bring about the

consciousness of


Peace & Bliss!

Penned By: Creator RaShiDa AliYa~EL


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