BiPolar Existence

They have taken it away from we, so swiftly

Uneased by the mode in which they choose to wreck our gifts

Sending them down

Deep into a place where retrieval is easy


I find myself quietly retreating

To share spiritually, the Love of the ONE

Given so freely

I oppose this assault!

This onslaught of

Defunct Dis-Ease

Disorderly Conduct

Chaotic force unhinged and unbridled

Sent through the ones who say “I love you”

Blessing wrongly with his necessity

Until there is only bits of me floating aimlessly

Despairing of a time when life was fun

Innocent & fleeting

Glaring at clouds and tasting snowflakes in the Illadel

Where the pavement hot jungle, concrete desert land

Shots ring out




Then sirens firing

Helicopters blaring

Another victim of a PTSD inducing incident

They wonder why we can’t get out these moods

Let alone these hoods where we wear hoods

Suffering from

“Let me hide away. It’s cold today!”

Mean mugging and

“We hungry! No time to play!”

Money got to be made

In this city of brotherly love

Standing beside, yet, aside of the brother

Who says innocently “I have your back”


Play “Not your friend”

When religion becomes the rap

The “Commonwealth”

Why not true equality?

Taxes and payments delay the timeframe for spending

Not allowing GDP to soar to heights amazing

Forcing stricter labor laws and people complaining

Waving flags burning bright with opposition

The people need restitution

The people need healing

Freedom seems fleeting

Not showing itself to the ones who truly love

Fiercely and completely

Not allowing the justice that comes with knowledge and reason

To rule without financial fulfillment

Lustful greed creating malice and deceit filled beings

Blaming all who oppose this matrixed “System of Things”

As the “Witnesses” claim it

Forcing all who uphold

To replay the National Anthem

So embedded is this tune

For those who swoon over sports on

Saturday & Sunday afternoons


Strong, Restoring Love of the TRUE  ONE
Please Help Us!!!!!!!!!

Grant us reprieve from this

Insidious System

Wicked and misleading

Keep us clear of unloving beings

Sick and inflicting pain without regard to

The lives YOU gave gift to

Of the spirits that belong only to YOU

Of the Justice & Truth that precedes YOU

All LOVE flows abundantly from YOU

To blossom and keep true

The ONES chosen just for YOU

All Praises Due!!!!!!!!!

~Penned By: Creator RaShiDa AliYa~EL 


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