What is going on

Within our culture

When a single mother

is an eyesore

And men

All men


You have come through

This life

From a mother who

cared enough to

sacrifice for the

Advancement of

you, man & her, woman

Lovingly sharing &

Giving to you

Making sure no hurt

you will feel

Now that a thief

and thug is president

We go back on

What has been perpetrated

against our people

before most of us

were born

Still, till this day

The deception &

hatred is great

And you mistakenly state

“Those on Gov’t assistance

are lazy & seek

someone to take care

of them and their kids”

These children

of Divine Royalty

How dare you men

of today

make statements against

their mothers for trying?

For not prostituting,


Perpetuating more problems

for us as a race

of beings

If you call yourself a man

How do you sit

idly by and watch a

single mother and

her children starve?

How do melanated men

not get mad at the way

this society is created?

Like Pac said

“I was given this world.

I didn’t make it!”

This society

created by

barbaric beings

So effeminized are men

& weighted down

On the low &

probably are the ones

Who are sitting &

making ill comments

Just for show

Treating women as though

We are the problem

Not focusing on

the falsehoods


How to solve them

Get it together!

It can’t just be

the melanated mother

who need to be freed

of societies woes

The father

who needs to be there

for these

Divine Melanated Beings

may have had

some problems

This society & its problems


chilling circumstances

Like Nas &

Damian Jr. Gong Marley stated

“Only the strong will continue!”

So, making statements

regarding single mothers

Is not the way

to remain strong

As a race of

Melanated beings

Who are ambassadors

of Love & Light

for the Most High God


Let’s start

uplifting ourselves

If as

melanated men

you can’t assist

your melanated

women and children

whether they are

your kin or not

What will happen

to our future existence?

What will become

of our Sons,

Divine Royalty

Sent from the Most High God?

What will become

of our Daughters,

Divine Royalty

Sent from the Most High God?

Think about it..

And let’s do better!!!

Peace & Bliss

~Penned by: Creator RaShiDa AliYa~EL

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