Right now

Flashing through

Time & space

Floating on an

Existence of sadness

Grief forces the

Images of life

Through my eyes

Understanding seems

To escape to the

Recesses of my mind

Pushing me constantly

To devour all

That touches my

Gentle nature

Drowning in


Making life seem

Much harder

Than would be normal

Protection from love

Eludes my every turn

Fleeing from my


Making me feel

Bone cold & rejected

Long time for

Stories to formulate

Advocacy is


Imagination in

This physical plane

Runs rampant

With indecisiveness

Maniacal laughter

Poking fun at

All I cease to be

Trying incessantly

To become


But strength is not

My companion

It hides

Locked away

In the corners of my brain

Coming out only

When threatened

Only to return

Again to the

Same place

Regaining its

Same fate

~Penned By: Creator RaShiDa AliYa~EL


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