Amazingly, the treachery is real. The lies that have been told permeate the very foundations of civilizations, all over the world. Created for the domination and decimation of peoples of love within/upon the planet. The numerous ways that the whole population of peoples on the planet have been duped is one for future books that will tell the story of how the so-called “governments” of the world tried to dominate and control them all. Yes…All of Them. That equals to about 7.8 billion people across the lands. How bold!

Seeking to find some way around this farce, we the earth people of the planet have learned how to read in the background, the practices and laws created by those who wish to harm us. Earth beings have been forced, thus far, to rethink what they have been taught to understand as truth. Watching the dastardly way that governments have double-spoke to their people with lies about safety, education, medicine, and policy, have caused a revolution of people becoming awakened with 20/20 vision. Seeing now, these so-called “truths” as blatant lies, we the people are empowered to witness the games being played on all of us and respond with our own powerful, government shattering truths. What a time to turn these royal republics on their heads!

Forcefully, the conglomerate elite have tried for a great many centuries to dominate and subjugate the beings that have become residents of earth. Their purpose has been to create an artificial existence hell bent on immortality in a way that they are not worthy. The barbaric ways of these individuals transmute the energies from the earth people into chaos within and upon our planet. They urge the peoples to live in a constant thought state of “what ifs” and “fear”. These put the energy motion a.k.a. emotions of the people into constant turmoil which in turn allows the vampiric elite energy beings to thrive and survive…think the Disney story of “Monsters Inc.” and how fear, terror & screams gave their world power…Get the picture so far?

Thus, today, it is imperative that ‘We the People’ of this plane of existence remember that we have individual a.k.a. universal powers to keep ourselves away from the lies that are a part of our societies currently. We have the one thing that was created as a way of trying to trick the peoples on all lands to succumb to technology and transhumanism but, has all the information necessary for full overstanding and innerstanding of what one must do: The Internet. This has been a balanced wheel of chaos/peace, happiness/anger, creativity/depravity, and all things in between. Giving us exactly what it has intended for us to have all along: all the information that is galactically possible to send for the betterment, and the destruction, of energy beings and their earthly family members. A 2-fold system that currently is wreaking havoc, it seems, on the so-called 1% of our population. They are scrambling. Their signals are now being jammed and locked upon for intended annihilation because of their draconian/reptilian scheming and plotting for a regime that seems to be more powerful than them. Whoa to these wolves in sheep’s clothing!!! Power to the Earth Beings…May WE ALL remain Vigilant, Courageous, and Spiritually Awoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Penned By: Creator RaShiDa AliYa~EL~


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