Global State of Affairs

Amazingly, the treachery is real. The lies that have been told permeate the very foundations of civilizations, all over the world. Created for the domination and decimation of peoples of love within/upon the planet. The numerous ways that the whole population of peoples on the planet have been duped is one for future books that will tell the story of how the so-called “governments” of the world tried to dominate and control them all. Yes…All of Them. That equals to about 7.8 billion people across the lands. How bold!

Seeking to find some way around this farce, we the earth people of the planet have learned how to read in the background, the practices and laws created by those who wish to harm us. Earth beings have been forced, thus far, to rethink what they have been taught to understand as truth. Watching the dastardly way that governments have double-spoke to their people with lies about safety, education, medicine, and policy, have caused a revolution of people becoming awakened with 20/20 vision. Seeing now, these so-called “truths” as blatant lies, we the people are empowered to witness the games being played on all of us and respond with our own powerful, government shattering truths. What a time to turn these royal republics on their heads!

Forcefully, the conglomerate elite have tried for a great many centuries to dominate and subjugate the beings that have become residents of earth. Their purpose has been to create an artificial existence hell bent on immortality in a way that they are not worthy. The barbaric ways of these individuals transmute the energies from the earth people into chaos within and upon our planet. They urge the peoples to live in a constant thought state of “what ifs” and “fear”. These put the energy motion a.k.a. emotions of the people into constant turmoil which in turn allows the vampiric elite energy beings to thrive and survive…think the Disney story of “Monsters Inc.” and how fear, terror & screams gave their world power…Get the picture so far?

Thus, today, it is imperative that ‘We the People’ of this plane of existence remember that we have individual a.k.a. universal powers to keep ourselves away from the lies that are a part of our societies currently. We have the one thing that was created as a way of trying to trick the peoples on all lands to succumb to technology and transhumanism but, has all the information necessary for full overstanding and innerstanding of what one must do: The Internet. This has been a balanced wheel of chaos/peace, happiness/anger, creativity/depravity, and all things in between. Giving us exactly what it has intended for us to have all along: all the information that is galactically possible to send for the betterment, and the destruction, of energy beings and their earthly family members. A 2-fold system that currently is wreaking havoc, it seems, on the so-called 1% of our population. They are scrambling. Their signals are now being jammed and locked upon for intended annihilation because of their draconian/reptilian scheming and plotting for a regime that seems to be more powerful than them. Whoa to these wolves in sheep’s clothing!!! Power to the Earth Beings…May WE ALL remain Vigilant, Courageous, and Spiritually Awoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Penned By: Creator RaShiDa AliYa~EL~



They watch
They taunt
Walking treacherously
Upon paths meant for
Death & Destruction
Love, kindness, & decency
Treating all who come
Across their desks
As pieces of papers
With words & numbers
Not humans of life & flesh
Creating devastation
Upon their paths 
Unaware of the evil grasps
Of those whose spiritual hands
Create weirdly dancing beings
A puppeteers bag
& unfortunately
This isn’t fair
Do they truly care?
Unaware of the sadness they bring
Until it happens
To them…

Penned by Creator RaShiDa AliYa~EL


Love & creativity
Flow through the 
Mind of Her
Constantly filling up
Any empty space-time
Creating Life 
Through word play
Consistent with Her
Divine Femininity
Existing within a 
Frequency of pure
Love & Light
Filling up
Empty space-time
With Rhyme & Reason
Logic that brings
Light to darkness &
Wisdom to ignorance
Ancient old prophecies
Destined to be
Gifted & Blessed
Once again
The Mind of Her
The Beauty of Her
The Truth that
Resides within
The Hips of Her
Justice partakes of 
Her lips
When words flow
Thru Her from
The mind of Her
You'll find in Her
A Brilliance matched
By beings of no other
Inviting is She
When Her mind is pleasantly
Entertained by thoughts of
Peace & Light
Life resides within the 
Spirit of Her
From the deepest parts of
Her Inner-Her
Focused contstantly on
the Divine Her
Royalty upon Her throne
Virtuous Queen
Mighty Power
Exalted Woman
Beauty to behold
Soft, Gentle
Fiery Lioness
Quick witted 
Exceptional Goddess
Controlling Her Prowess
Illuminating with the 
Life Force 
That surrounds Her
Washing clean
Her loved ones with
The Light inside Her
Inspiring & Life Giving
Compassionate & Truth teaching
Speaking when needed
Wiping tears
Empathy feeling
Always Alive
Divine Feminine
Now is your time to Rise!
Evil & deceit 
Push back into the darkness
Take heed mankind
The Divine Feminine is Calling!

~Penned by: Creator RaShiDa AliYa~EL~

Lies March 2020

Daily inflation of stories

They waitin

For their glory

They fail 

Yet they stories


Yet the gory details

Are withheld

And lies spread like contaminated jellies

Flip flopping like 

Out of water fish on bellies

Not questioning the issues pending

Not asking why this info is trending

Feeling bent on the controlling of populous

So this won’t be ending

This will continue to send

Messages to people 

And yes, the lies will never end

Governments invent undermining treatments

To covertly steal your essence

Claiming mandate is the reason

For this abusive and obtrusive treatment

Underhandedly creating false situations

To mask their evil

Creative human decimating


Tactics meant to scare

Stay vigilant and be aware

They are not done yet!

Peace, Blessings, Love & Light

Penned by: Creator RaShiDa AliYa~EL

Thought Piece: 3rd Realm Existing

I remember when life was easy, not such a drab. When being a child was the only thing I was responsible for. Not understanding that there would be traps along the way to hem me up in a state of feeling chained. Have you ever felt like that before? Has there ever been a time when you just couldn’t move? A time when you felt like the whole world was against you? Like every move you chose to make almost felt like a waste of time? Welcome to the world of adulthood. May I enlighten you on a few things?

Technically, we advance as a race of beings quite rapidly. As infants, we grow at a speed that is astronomical. We are able to learn by watching and doing. We imitate those who are around us to learn and understand our way to be human in the 3rd realm. How to coexist with the other beings here and survive. We are shown that if we continue to learn how to maintain our own existence, there should be no hiccups along the way. Or so we think…

When we become adolescents, we learn that our society has a way of teaching us things our family cannot. We learn that our dreams are not our own and that they can have a profound effect on others. Daycare, school, church, extra-curricular activities, friends, and family outside of the home, can cause a person to rethink how they have viewed themselves and their own dreams. The thoughts and reactions of those outside of your usual familial surroundings can create a sense of unknowing and dysfunction in someone who was taught, or chosen a particular view about themselves, to doubt who they believe they are. Making one feel as though their own personal choices about themselves won’t be useful in society at large.

As teenagers, we regress into our own worlds where we start to wonder if we really have what it takes to be whatever we want to become within this world. We truly begin to fear the unknown, and to also ponder the what ifs. What if I don’t become what I have envisioned for myself? What if I can’t accomplish what I have chosen to pursue after high school? What will I do? Can I really do whatever I want? These start to overtake the drive and understanding of the who is seeking and searching for who they truly are.

In your twenties, it seems that this is a time to seek out your path. Entering into adulthood is the most gratifying experience anyone can reach. It takes time to understand yourself because this is a true age of self discovery. You become aware of your surroundings and how you interact socially. Inquiring of those around you to see just what is culturally appropriate based on the individuals you choose to engage with in your external world. Learning how to be assertive when necessary, talk when needed, speak up when appropriate, stay true to what moves you…all these can become quite impressive when you really look at how much courage it takes to embrace the qualities that truly make up you. 

In your thirties there seems to be a shift in your own conventional thinking, as long as you have been keeping up with learning who you truly are in a spiritual sense. You get to understand your true resilience as you push forward with societal and economic necessities. Clearly and sensibly training your third eye to perceive both the seen and unseen realities of your existence, you are able to map out what your next 30 years will look like. At this time in your life, opening and cleansing your chakras are extremely important so that by the time you reach the age of 40, hopefully, you have the ability to hear what was being told to you all of your life to create your own personal existence. This then becomes your own personal travel vehicle with the correct coordinates to access the gifts that are rightfully and divinely yours from the spirit self that is you. 

This life is a time of enjoyment…well at least it’s supposed to be. And as long as you choose to receive what actually belongs to you, by being patient and looking forward to what you want and have asked to receive in this 3rd realm of life, you will experience true prosperity leading to true happiness and bliss. Enjoy Life…It is a Gift of Unfathomable Possibilities!!!!!!!! 

Peace, Blessings, Love & Light

Penned By: Creator RaShiDa AliYa~EL


As usual, we have become increasingly unaware of the dangers that permeate our current existence. We highly believe that as long as we don’t “rock the boat” as they say, that we may, or even should remain with no problems and live long, happy, healthy lives. It seems that we have become very naive in our thoughts about this society and its ways of dealing with us as a group of humans living and co-existing within this wonderful planetary realm we thrive on.

There has to be a change in the ways we operate and tolerate the information that we are bombarded with daily. We need to understand that the messages being sent through all sorts of visual methods because of the invention of our cell phones, will ultimately keep us in a state of disbelief and misunderstanding. Keeping with the knowledge that we all have been blessed with, we must remain steadfast in the undertakings that we have been forced to succumb to. Holding tight to all spiritual messages we must fight fraud when at all necessary. Treating each other, regardless of personal belief or origin, better and making sure that unity and respect are integral parts of our communication with each other will make a peaceful society for our current and future existence.

Penned By: Creator RaShiDa AliYa~EL

On Depression

Right now

Flashing through

Time & space

Floating on an

Existence of sadness

Grief forces the

Images of life

Through my eyes

Understanding seems

To escape to the

Recesses of my mind

Pushing me constantly

To devour all

That touches my

Gentle nature

Drowning in


Making life seem

Much harder

Than would be normal

Protection from love

Eludes my every turn

Fleeing from my


Making me feel

Bone cold & rejected

Long time for

Stories to formulate

Advocacy is


Imagination in

This physical plane

Runs rampant

With indecisiveness

Maniacal laughter

Poking fun at

All I cease to be

Trying incessantly

To become


But strength is not

My companion

It hides

Locked away

In the corners of my brain

Coming out only

When threatened

Only to return

Again to the

Same place

Regaining its

Same fate

~Penned By: Creator RaShiDa AliYa~EL

Unity Among Us All

We must begin to realize the frailties we exhibit as males & females when thinking about & in handling the human condition. When pushed to the limit the ever popular & necessary “fight-or-flight” response takes over. Depending on your nature & personal characteristics, your response will be correct for who you are & what you wish to accomplish. The end result could be devastating & create pain & sadness for loved ones. The end result should allow all to express their circumstances in a way that makes room for communication & healing.


Can we, as a race of human beings, unify ourselves to create peace, harmony, truth, justice & love for each other?

Thoughts on Life

However it happens, it’s going to happen.
That feeling of unknowing and fear.
Always ready to pounce and distort who you say you are,
and ultimately want to be.
Chasing away all hopes of ever being heard.
I say, try to stay away.
Don’t get caught up and snared by the energy that
constantly takes over those who are empty inside.
Succumbing to this type of treachery will only lead to
sadness and despair.
Always lead with love.
This is an essential component of life.
Pursue your dreams and goals for as long as you live.
Dream bigger than life itself
you’ll always be happy.
Stop to listen to others and their thoughts about you sometimes,
and only sometimes.
If they truly love you,
they will make sure their criticism doesn’t hurt you.


What’s Going On?

What is going on

Within our culture

When a single mother

is an eyesore

And men

All men


You have come through

This life

From a mother who

cared enough to

sacrifice for the

Advancement of

you, man & her, woman

Lovingly sharing &

Giving to you

Making sure no hurt

you will feel

Now that a thief

and thug is president

We go back on

What has been perpetrated

against our people

before most of us

were born

Still, till this day

The deception &

hatred is great

And you mistakenly state

“Those on Gov’t assistance

are lazy & seek

someone to take care

of them and their kids”

These children

of Divine Royalty

How dare you men

of today

make statements against

their mothers for trying?

For not prostituting,


Perpetuating more problems

for us as a race

of beings

If you call yourself a man

How do you sit

idly by and watch a

single mother and

her children starve?

How do melanated men

not get mad at the way

this society is created?

Like Pac said

“I was given this world.

I didn’t make it!”

This society

created by

barbaric beings

So effeminized are men

& weighted down

On the low &

probably are the ones

Who are sitting &

making ill comments

Just for show

Treating women as though

We are the problem

Not focusing on

the falsehoods


How to solve them

Get it together!

It can’t just be

the melanated mother

who need to be freed

of societies woes

The father

who needs to be there

for these

Divine Melanated Beings

may have had

some problems

This society & its problems


chilling circumstances

Like Nas &

Damian Jr. Gong Marley stated

“Only the strong will continue!”

So, making statements

regarding single mothers

Is not the way

to remain strong

As a race of

Melanated beings

Who are ambassadors

of Love & Light

for the Most High God


Let’s start

uplifting ourselves

If as

melanated men

you can’t assist

your melanated

women and children

whether they are

your kin or not

What will happen

to our future existence?

What will become

of our Sons,

Divine Royalty

Sent from the Most High God?

What will become

of our Daughters,

Divine Royalty

Sent from the Most High God?

Think about it..

And let’s do better!!!

Peace & Bliss

~Penned by: Creator RaShiDa AliYa~EL