Love & creativity
Flow through the 
Mind of Her
Constantly filling up
Any empty space-time
Creating Life 
Through word play
Consistent with Her
Divine Femininity
Existing within a 
Frequency of pure
Love & Light
Filling up
Empty space-time
With Rhyme & Reason
Logic that brings
Light to darkness &
Wisdom to ignorance
Ancient old prophecies
Destined to be
Gifted & Blessed
Once again
The Mind of Her
The Beauty of Her
The Truth that
Resides within
The Hips of Her
Justice partakes of 
Her lips
When words flow
Thru Her from
The mind of Her
You'll find in Her
A Brilliance matched
By beings of no other
Inviting is She
When Her mind is pleasantly
Entertained by thoughts of
Peace & Light
Life resides within the 
Spirit of Her
From the deepest parts of
Her Inner-Her
Focused contstantly on
the Divine Her
Royalty upon Her throne
Virtuous Queen
Mighty Power
Exalted Woman
Beauty to behold
Soft, Gentle
Fiery Lioness
Quick witted 
Exceptional Goddess
Controlling Her Prowess
Illuminating with the 
Life Force 
That surrounds Her
Washing clean
Her loved ones with
The Light inside Her
Inspiring & Life Giving
Compassionate & Truth teaching
Speaking when needed
Wiping tears
Empathy feeling
Always Alive
Divine Feminine
Now is your time to Rise!
Evil & deceit 
Push back into the darkness
Take heed mankind
The Divine Feminine is Calling!

~Penned by: Creator RaShiDa AliYa~EL~