As usual, we have become increasingly unaware of the dangers that permeate our current existence. We highly believe that as long as we don’t “rock the boat” as they say, that we may, or even should remain with no problems and live long, happy, healthy lives. It seems that we have become very naive in our thoughts about this society and its ways of dealing with us as a group of humans living and co-existing within this wonderful planetary realm we thrive on.

There has to be a change in the ways we operate and tolerate the information that we are bombarded with daily. We need to understand that the messages being sent through all sorts of visual methods because of the invention of our cell phones, will ultimately keep us in a state of disbelief and misunderstanding. Keeping with the knowledge that we all have been blessed with, we must remain steadfast in the undertakings that we have been forced to succumb to. Holding tight to all spiritual messages we must fight fraud when at all necessary. Treating each other, regardless of personal belief or origin, better and making sure that unity and respect are integral parts of our communication with each other will make a peaceful society for our current and future existence.

Penned By: Creator RaShiDa AliYa~EL

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